12 weeks to 11 weeks out

At this week, my weight really hasn't changed much and either has my macros. So instead of the usual, here is some advice. 

As I  get closer and closer to my bikini competition, individuals ask me, "what about bloating?" "Are you watching your sodium?" "Doesn't that have a lot of salt? How can that be healthy?" My answer...I don't care at all about sodium.

Our bodies need sodium and 11 weeks out, I am not worried about my sodium levels as I don't eat much processed foods which include tons of sodium..and so I am going to add salt to my eggs and be happy with it. This far out I also don't care about bloating. BUT I do have some bloating tips :)

Gum- Currently I chew 2-3 pieces a day, but you are swallowing air when you chew. Therefore, causing bloat. Gum for me is a life saver on prep so I am not prepared to cut it out unless I definitely see the bloating when I'm like 2 weeks out. I NEED MY GUM.

2. Artificial Sugar- I grew up with Splenda my entire life because my father was a diabetic and now I'm married to a diabetic. Sugar is just not something I ever had. That being said, this can also lead to bloating due to it being artificial. For me, I bloat more depending what kind of artificial sugar. I recommend Stevia..but again I use everything until I judge myself 2 weeks out.

3. Carbonated Beverages: I rarely have anything carbonated so when I do, I burp like crazy. Drinking carbonated soda and water will cause bloating. I have tried to avoid diet soda to randomly like once every two weeks with my cheat and energy drinks to MAYBE once a month.

4. They say every 3 in 4 people have some form of food intolerance. This can be from something tiny like bloating to needing to be hospitalized pronto. Most people will never even realize their food intolerance; however, a main on is dairy and boy, does it affect me. Just ask my husband. Now this might not make any sense or hold any scientific value, but if you think about it, we are the only animal who drinks another animals milk (besides breast feeding). Maybe many of us have this allergy because milk isn't meant for our body? For me, dairy bloats me like crazy and I get the farts. Dairy is #1 the first thing to leave for me or limit during prep.

5. WATER: I drink a gallon of water a day. The first few days you will feel bloating or atleast I did, but then you will see a change. If you don't have enough water in your body, you r body will store that water in your stomach.

Before I jump to the newest detox tea, water pill, or whatever new trend I see on social media, I look at what I am eating first and change that. Drink your water. Adjust your foods.

PS: I never do detox teas and wouldn't water pill it.

11 Weeks Out