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13 Weeks Out

Hello everyone! If you read by first post at 16 weeks out, you know that from 16 weeks to 14 weeks out, I planned to kept my macros the same. The only thing I changed was trying to eat healthier carbs sources so not eating half a box of cereal and/or Poptarts to make up for 100 carbs. That being said, I still have my treats. If I want a Poptart, I will make it fit, but I wanted to get out of the habit of eating 100+ carbs that were this kind of food source. That was what I planned....but I ended up eating 280 carbs instead of the 300 and therefore, my calories were about 100 lower.

My weight from week 16 to 14? Stayed the same. I started 130 (129.6 to be exact). Even though my weight did not change, I do think there is a difference within the pictures and I felt better which is very important.

Now. 13 weeks out. My macros for this week are:

1900 calories, 225 Carbs, 45 Fat, 160 Protein

Looking back, I should have lowered my protein and upped my fat.

Why did I drop my calories by 300?

I was sick of eating so much. 

By the end of week 14, 280 was even a lot for me so what I did was eat the amount I wanted to eat and see what that amount was. And it was around 225 and so...that's what I decided to do. 

Was this a good or bad decision? Only time will tell.

What does my food choices look like: Protein Bar, Oatmeal, Sweet potato, brown rice, chicken, black beans, cream of wheat, squash, tuna, egg, 


Breakfast: Oatmeal, snack: Protein Bar Lunch: Tuna and brown rice Snack: Caramel corn rice cakes with toppings Dinner: Spaghetti squash mixed with ground chicken, fat free cheese, and almonds, Snack: Cream of Wheat

Workouts/Macro hitting 13 weeks out:

Monday: Tried to do cardio and irritated my ankle so had to stop. I wanted to add in 15 mins of cardio. Did Biceps and Triceps instead

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Basement (where I workout) was flooded, had to go the vet..I spilled my protein shake in the parking lot, got home late...macros were under in all areas. Got in shoulders

Thursday: Leg Day

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Ate healthy throughout the entire day then cheat meal! Pizza :) Back Day

​In short, I hit my macros every day besides Wednesday and life made my workouts a little lacking. It is life. 

​OH I almost forgot my weight. I went from 129.6 to 126.6. This is big drop though since I did not lose any weight from 16-14 weeks out. I plan to not lose weight that fast the rest of prep. 


​If you are interesting in seeing a more detailed summary of weeks 16-14, feel free to check out my YouTube video. I will be summarizing it within this 13 weeks out post.