4 Weeks Out

Weight: 119

Last year I stepped on stage at 112lbs and I believe I looked too thin. I didn't appear muscular...just thin. And so this year, my goal stage weight is 116-117. 

At 4 weeks out, I am 119lb which means, I don't have much to loose and lucky for me, I am still eating a TON. 

This weekend will be my last cheat meal. From here on out, I will have a structured refeed day on Saturday.

But this cheat meal will be epic. 

4 weeks out macros:

150 carbs, 40 fat (this week I struggle reaching 40. Fat levels is always hardest for me!), 150 protein

Breakfast: 1 Egg piece (egg whites, seasoning, and veggies mixed up and baked)

Snack: 1/4 Cup TVP w/ stevia

Lunch: 4oz chicken, 2/3 cup veggies, 2 oz chicken stock, 5 oz squash, srriacha (I mixed it all together into a soup)

Snack: 4 oz green beans, 35g black berries, 2 rice cakes

Dinner: 3 oz chicken, 1 cup Asian Medley vegetables, 1 scoop protein

Snack: 1 Cup oatmeal, 5 oz califlower, 1/2 G2g Bar, 1 tbsp pb2 (mixed all together in blender and made hot oats) 

Cheat meal: 4 slices of honey mustard chicken pizza (yes, half the large pizza) and a large frozen yogurt with tons of fruits, nuts, and cookie dough/ brownie pieces on top. It was SO amazing.

Workout Schedule for weeks 4 and 6

Sunday: 15 min stairmaster, back day

Monday: 8 min jog with Dakota, 10 min steady state run, 10 min HITT, Abs

Tuesday: Overslept my alarm, 8 mins with Dakota, 3 sets of goblet squats, 1 set of lunges, 4 sets straight leg deadlifts, body weight squats

​Wednesday: Shoulders, 25 min stairmaster

Thursday: 8 min jog with Dakota, bic, tri, abs

Friday: REST

​Saturday: Heavy Leg Day