​Hello again! The ​competition is getting so close that it is exciting, yet terrifying. Since my weight was the same from 7 weeks to 6 weeks, I am making this a more combined post.

Macros: 145-150 Carbs, 40 fat, 160 Protein. Wednesdays I went slightly higher to 170 carbs, 60 fat, 172 protein. 

A normal day looked like:

Breakfast: 1 slice Carbstyle bread, 1 spicy pepper Laughing cow, 2 Protein cupcakes, 2 oz almond milk in coffee

Snack: Ohyeah Birthday Cake Protein Bar

Lunch: 5oz sweet potato, 3 cups romaine, 5oz chicken, 3 grape tomatoes

Snack: 1/2 Cup TVP (dehydrated soy beans. I got at Acme), 10 Nasbisco Wheat pita chips

Dinner: 5oz Chicken, 2 ounce green beans, 1/2 red pepper, 1/4 cup red onion

Snack: 1 Cup Arctic Zero, 1 pack cookies & cream Special K Crisps, 2 tbsp cool whip

A Wednesday looked like:

Breakfast: Two protein cupcakes (I'll get ya the recipe if ya ask), 1 Carbstyle piece of bread, Coffee with 1 tbsp french vanilla creamer, 2 oz almond milk, 2 spicy pepper jack laughing cows

Snack: Ohyeah Birthday Cake Protein bar

Lunch: 5oz chicken, 3 cups romaine, 2 grape tomoatos, 10 oz sweet potato

Snack: Special K caramel Brownie, 4 tbsp peanut butter

Dinner: 2 scoop protein, 1 egg (made pancakes)

Snack: 1 Cup Cookie Shake Arctic Zero, 2 tbsp fat free cool whip, 1/8 cup granola

​I eat a lot of fun things to say...I eat what keeps me happy and enjoying life. You don't need to eat so simple and plain on prep. I did my first time around...and hated it.

Workout Schedule:

Sunday: 30 min fasted stairmaster, back workout

Monday: Dakota run 5 mins, I jog 5 mins, 10 min Body Weight Squat Challenge, abs

Tuesday: 20 min stairmaster, shoulders

Wednesday: Goblet squats, squats, deadlifts

Thursday: Biceps, Triceps

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Leg day, 15 min stairmaster

6 Weeks Out

Weight at 7 weeks: 120.4

Weights at 8 Weeks: 120.4