After having stalled weight back and forth the last few weeks, I FINALLY made a break through AND those abs started to show through. So this is what I did: 

I had an epic all day cheat on Sunday because it was Easter. I typically have a cheat meal on Saturday, but I held out and honestly, it was more like a cheat day. But knowing this going in, I created this workout plan in order to get my butt back into gear for 8 weeks out.

Monday: DETOX from all that Easter food by sweating it out.

30 Mins Stair Master

8 Min Jog with Dakota



Tuesday: Goblet Squats- 40lbs, 40 lbs, 50lbs. 10 reps back to back. Repeat 3x

Squats: 115lbs 5 sets of 10

Leg Press: Max weight 3 sets of 10. 1 set of heavier weight until failure

Run with Dakota 8 mins

Wednesday: 15 mins Stair Master, Shoulders 15lbs multiple exercisesfor shoulders until 300 reps are complete

Thursday: 20 min light jog, Deadlifts 5 sets of 135lb 10 reps

Friday: REST

Saturday: 10 min warm up, glute focused leg day

I walk or run with my puppy, Dakota every day. If I don't walk, I run and therefore, wrote it. This is very slow and the 8 mins include stopping for her poop, smelling, etc. 

Okay. Macro changes:

I began to drop my macros between 11 weeks out and now. Eating 180-200 was still leaving me super full and yes, I could have changed where I was getting those carb sources from to make it easier, but I also had a weight stall. So I began eating 180 one day, 160 the next rotating back and forth. I knew Easter was going to be a like 300+ carb day so the rest of the week looked like:

Monday: 150 Carbs, 35 Fat, 150 Protein ( FAT TOO LOW. I know. I'm being honest)

Tuesday-Friday: 160 Carbs, 40-45 fat, 160 protein.

Saturday: I eat clean during the day pretty much eating the foods I normally would then had my cheat meal. 

Example of my food in a day:

Breakfast: 1/2 Cup Oats, 1 scoop protein, 6 oz almond milk, 1oz egg white (I made overnight oats aka what you get if you mix this all together) 

Lunch: 4oz ground chicken, 3/4 large red pepper, 1/2 cup brown rice, 2oz diced tomato, 1 cup romaine, 2 cups spinach. (I made stuffed red peppers for meal prep this week)

Snack: Apple, Ohyeah Birthday Cake protein Bar

Dinner: 1 scoop protein (after I worked out), Greek yogurt, 1 red and 1 green pepper with mozzarella melted on top

Snack: 1 scoop banana protein, Kiwi, gum, 2 rice cakes

As you can see, some days I rely on protein shakes to get my protein in. Other days, I do not. It really depends what I feel like eating and my schedule. On this Tuesday, I was busy and driving around when I got home so this is what I ate. 

8 weeks out; 123 lbs

8 Weeks Out