This NPC Show made me SO much more nervous than OCB. I think it is because I knew a lot of the competitors I would be competing with & saw how amazing they looked through social media. As well, this one was at the college I attended. I would think this  would cause nostalgia and be "home field advantage"...not so much.

Regardless, it was show day! Since this show was so close to my home, I was able to drive the morning of to the show and not have to worry about a hotel at all. The first show started at 11am and we had to be there by 10am. I left my house at 9:20am.

Bikini went on stage second and I would be competing in both Novice and Open. I gave myself so many mini pep talks while waiting in line for my turn. But for some reason, deer in head lights when into effect as soon as I hit the stage. When looking back at videos, it was better than last year yet still needed A LOT of practice. My OCB posing was better 3 weeks before.

I got first call outs for Novice and was positioned in 3rd. Then they called out a 6th girl and switch me with her....pretty obvious I would not be placing in novice sadly.

Open. I knew I had to kill it. I wanted to nationally qualify so the possibility of nationals was a realitiy.

I didn't get to do my routine this time, but I was posing and smiling as big as I could on the side lines.

First call outs again. I was not getting kicked out this time.

When we left the stage, I was to the right of the girl in the center so I felt pretty good about that. Only finals would tell.

My parents, husband, and brothers had come to see Prejudging so we HAD to take lots of pictures before going home to relax before the night show. I finished the morning show around 1:15pm.

For lunch I ate my steak and potatoes and I kept up eating a rice cake or two every 1 and half to two hours. Between shows, I watched TV, cuddled with my puppy, and feel asleep. It was the best way to make the time go by and have energy for the night show at 6pm.

I arrived at 5pm for the athlete meeting and sat back stage for what felt like forever. At this point, I ended up eating all my swedish fish I was using for the 10 mins right before you went on stage. The host had also made up desserts backstage. I took some on a plate to eat after.

Finally waiting behind the stage, there was a lot of commotion and the class that had just been on the stage was called back out. 

It turns out that the judged awarded the wrong girls the trophies. 1st place now got 5th and some girls no longer placed. I was shocked! I didn't even know this was a thing. I found out later this happened earlier in the show with the men. 1st and 2nd place were made to switch trophies.

Novice. I didn't place like I expected after being switched. Open I placed third. 

Goal met! I was now Nationally Qualified with the change to compete nationally if I wanted..and I kind of really do. BUT not 100% yet.

I received my feedback from the judges which said I was in excellent conditioning and would have placed hire if I had better posing.

I agree profusely. My posing is horrendous and not at the level it needs to be for is the deciding factor if I do nationals or not.

So new goal: POSE POSE POSE

Always have to have goals right? 

NPC Show Day!!