The day is finally here!!! So let's start with Friday as Friday is SO important.​​


7:30am: Woke up and walked Dakota. Realized she ate my debit card which I would need to get my hair done and for random expenses this day.

9:30am: By 9:30am, I had gotten dressed, threw my prepped meals of sweet potato and chicken into my lunch box, and headed out the door. I did not eat fish this entire prep and was not starting now.

My first stop was to get my new card then to get my hair done. I planned to eat my second meal (first was casein and a rice cake), before walking into the Salon. I opened my container to see black sweet potatoes...they had gone bad. I ate my chicken and ran inside.

I was getting highlights and a cut...I ended up being here for 3+ hours without any food besides chicken. It is extremely important that on Friday if you plan to carb load after do just that every 2-3 hours. If you eat one giant meal to make up for missing meals, it can lead to bloating, constipation, etc.

Starving, I arrived home around 2:30pm and realized all my sweet potatos were bad. I wasn't sure if I should trust the chicken either since it was in the same container. What did I eat?

I microwaved a pint of Cake Batter Arctic Zero and ate the entire thing plus rice cakes.

That whole eat too much at once thing? Yeah, that was me. Bloat on bloat.

4:30pm: Picked one piece of chicken from fridge I thought would be okay from the sweet potatoes and grabbed my rice cakes to head to check ins and tanning. It was about an hour away.

I brought my suit. FYI you do not need to do this for OCB. 

6pm: Check In's no weight.

6:15pm: Polygraph...I was a bit nervous. Only waited about 10 mins and got a chance to meet some competitiors also waiting. PASSED

7:00pm: Still waiting to be tanned. It got to hot in the room so they were waiting to air it out. I eventually went in and my skin took the tan really well. 

9:30pm: FINALLY done drying. 1 hour home, husband had a spare bedroom ready with old sheets and I was going to bed!

(Actually went to be around 11:30)


​Woke up. Eat steak and FRESH sweet potatoes. Did hair. Did Make up. Peed through a Dixie Cup. Bag packed. Head out.

Athlete meeting to cover the show schedule.

Pump up with my resistance band. Eat rice cakes with peanut butter. 1 Square of chocolate and some trail mix before heading on stage.

I walked out feeling confident. I liked that we were all compared together; no individual routine in the morning.

As soon as I was done the morning show, my husband and I mapquested a bakery and headed there. I got 2 donuts and a cookie the size of my head for AFTER the show. 

I ate my steak and sweet potatoes in the car while my husband enjoyed Wawa.


So I thought this T-Walk think was all serious and part of judging....its not. 

Finals!! 4th in Novice, 3rd in Open! YAYY

Now where to eat? I had ate my whole bag of trail mix (peanut butter monster from Target) while nervous backstage so I wasn't super hungry.

We went to Apple Bees and I got a peach sangria, spilt mozzarella sticks, & chicken fingers before heading home to eat my donuts and cookie.

The next day, I didn't eat until I was sick, but I ate what I wanted. Gnoochis for dinner? Okay. It didn't matter that I was 3 weeks out from another show. I needed it mentally and looking back I think my body did too. I defintetly should have had more carbs throughout the day Friday to really push out my muscle...goals for show two!

OCB Show Day!