When individuals heard I was doing two shows three weeks apart, I heard the "don't go too hard" after your first show. I ate all I wanted. I ate a lot. I did not care about macros until Monday and then I went right back into my numbers I had been using at 3 weeks out. Based on the pictures above, I think I did fine.

3 weeks out, I allowed myself to have diet sodas, energy drinks, and protein bars. This was SO amazing to me as I cut them out 2 weeks out just because I worried about bloating. I never cut out protein shakes, but this peak week I planned to get my protein from chicken instead...just to try it! The extra carbs felt amazing and my body loved them. 

By 2 weeks out and remember I was eating MORE, I was at my peak week weight. 

This was a good and a bad thing. I did not want to drop lower and risk looking to flat/lose muscle and so that Saturday and Sunday I had two refeed days. I kept them clean with mostly oats, protein bars, CHIPOTLE!

Monday and Tuesday, I kept my 3 week out macros. Wednesday I felt very lean so I weighted myself. I had lost 1/2 a pound so Wednesday became a refeed. 

Peak week Saturday: I went out to eat at Fridays. I got 2 side salads and mahi. My weight hadn't change. Saturday I kept my macros the same.

Sunday and Monday: Higher carbs (Calories didn't change, decreased protein to compensate)

Tuesday and Wednesday: low then lower carbs (calories didn't change, increased protein to compensate) 

Thursday: Reintroduce carbs

Friday: 100+ over normal carb day eating them throughout the day and checking my stomach to see how I am filling out.

I worked a full day on Friday as the show was only 20 mins from my house. After work, I went to check ins and got my tan. 

I packed my bag for the next day around 8pm and for the beach! (I left for the beach the day after my second show. AMAZING timing). Watched TV with my husband and puppy, then went to bed.

I didn't need to be at the venue until 10am the next day so I had plenty of time to take it slow in the morning.

What I really want you to take from this is to not listen to other people. No one knows your body as well as you unless maybe if you have a coach. I actually struggled to maintain my weight, not to lose it. Trust yourself. 

My goals for my second show was to National Qualify, be confident, be better at posing, be happy. I told my husband, I just want to really enjoy the day after all this time. 

The Three Weeks Inbetween