So carb depleted

Two weeks out I weighed in at 116.6, which means stage weight reached! Of course, you need to go by what you see in the mirror more. What I saw was that I needed to work on maintaining my current form for the next two weeks. 

I found out about 4 days before of the opportunity to do a photo shoot. It would be a free shoot and I would receive some images in return. After reviewing his work, I said deal. 

This is important to note. Anyone might ask you to shoot. Some may offer to pay you, some may not, but you need to make sure you are comfortable with what you will be wearing and their expectations for the shoot. Also, if you don't like their photography or their skill level, why do the shoot?

I shot with Duke Pham ( and I loved the images. This being said, I had to change my plan of action.

I decided to do a mock not exactly peak week.

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday- I ate the same macros as the week before 145 carbs, 40 fat, 140 protein

Example: Breakfast: protein shake and hour later Fit Crunch protein bar

Snack: 4 rice cakes

Lunch:3 oz chicken, 1 cup brocolli, 2 cups romaine

Snack: .5 oz sausage, 4 egg whites

Dinner: Chicken, vegetables, chicken broth, sirracha

Snack: Fiber one COffee Cake, 1/3 cup oatmeal, 9oz sweet potato

Thursday and Friday: 100 carbs, increase protein to compensate for calories lost by reducing carbs

Breakfast: 12oz egg whites, 1/4 cup no salt added tomato sauce, 4 pieced turkey pepperoni (made an egg pizza) 

Snack: Protein shake, 1/4 cup pumpkin pure

Lunch: 1/2 banana, 5 cups of romaine, 3 oz chicken, 3 grape tomatoes, 14 almond

Snack: Smores Quest Bar

Dinner:3oz chicken,1/4 cup peas and corn

Snack: Protein shake, 3 rice cakes, 1/4 cup oatmeal

Saturday: 195 carbs, 30 fat, 120 protein (wasn't planning for fat to be this low...looking back at my records was. I'm not perfect.)

Breakfast: 2oz egg whites, 8oz sweet potato

Lunch: protein shake, almond milk, egg whites mixed together, 1/2 grapefruit

Snack: 1/2 cup fiber one cereal, 1 pack light hot chocolate mixed with 1 scoop protein

Dinner: Chipotle (I used myfitnesspal and got pico, brown rice, black beans, chicken, onion, green pepper)

Snack: 4 rice cakes, 4oz sweet potato

Sunday: Shoot day

Breakfast: 4oz sweet potato (planned to have egg whites but they went bad)

Right before shooting: 3 pieces cadbury dark, salted caramel

Lunch: BPI Best Protein Bar, Arctic Zero Brownie Blast 1/2 container

Snack: G2G Bar

Dinner: Mod pizza (all macros online), 5 oz chicken, 4 cups romaine...I was still hungry

Snack: Lenny and Larry's Birthday Cake cookie, Combat Crunch Bar 

Okay. I kinda went all out the day of the shoot. I was proud of myself. 

Day of the shoot macros: 2,050 calories, 250 carbs, 55 fat, 140 protein. Honestly, not bad at all.

And so I start peak week


150 carbs, 40 fat, 140 protein on Monday and Tuesday limit 1 protein shake a day, no artifical sugar, 2 gallons

120, 40, 150 Wednesday1 protein shake a day, no artifical sugar, 1.5 gallons

100, 40, 170 Thursday 1 protein shake a day, no artifical sugar, 1 gallons, no egg whites

200, 40, 120 protein- My plan went downhill when all my sweet potatoes I had prepped were black...I got stuck with no food for about 4-5 hours and came home to eat a whole Arctic Zero, and multiple rice cakes. Eating so much when so hungry made me bloat...but it happens. I ended up not hitting my carb time around I really must stress eating enough carbs to fill back out. 


I followed the same idea for both weeks. 

Saturday and Sunday: my usual back and legs

Monday: Cardio but 5 mins less

Tuesday: less weight, high reps upper body

Wednesday: less weight, high reps, lower body

Thursday: less weight, high reps full body

Friday: Rest

You do the less weight, high reps to really deplete your body of glycogen. And,

you don't want to be sore come show/shoot day. SO don't try anything new. 

Two Weeks Out & Peak Week